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Ballet Birthday Cake

5 Custom Birthday Cakes We Love

There’s something magical about creating a custom cake for a birthday party. I’ve made so many at this point, but still love the process from start to finish.

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Green Cake Pop With Bite Taken Out

Halloween Cake Pop Guide

Cake Pops have been “having a moment” for quite some time, and we gotta say that we aren’t upset about it. Why? Because in many ways, cake pops are the perfect dessert. With a light crunch through their chocolate exterior, your taste buds are transported to a magical land of gooey cake mixed with frosting.

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Fall Cake Guide

Happy fall ya’ll! At 12 Oaks Desserts, the team is excited for the fall, even if we’re not exactly experiencing the change in the weather here in Los Angeles (#heatwave). Regardless of the warm weather, we can still celebrate all things Fall with 12 Oaks’ fall-themed cakes and desserts.

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Mermaid Cake: A Magical Birthday!

While we always enjoy making our signature 12 Oaks cakes that you can order on our website, like the Sprinkles Birthday cake or our Bare Blossoms Naked cake, we LOVE when a client gives us creative control and trusts us to create a custom cake.

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