12 Oaks has its roots not just in friendship, but also in family. Baking has always been a way for us to connect with our families and inspires the love we put into our confections every day. Many of our recipes are family heirlooms that have been passed down on faded, hand-written index cards, splattered with vanilla extract and cocoa powder of years gone by.

    The seed for 12 Oaks was planted many years ago in a tiny Manhattan apartment by two best friends with a passion for dessert and a devotion to watching Gone with the Wind at least several times a year. Sadly, our other half recently moved home to Atlanta, but Caroline is back to baking in the tradition of her southern roots – lots of love, lots of butter, and a deep allegiance to the superiority of pecans. Take a peek at the sweet things coming out of her kitchen here!

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  • Meet Katherine


    As a self-taught cake decorator and baker, Katherine is a firm believer that nothing beats a perfect cheesecake. In fact, her aunt created New York’s greatest cheesecake recipe. This recipe is a vigilantly guarded secret and no amount of sweet-talking or bribery will get you a look at this recipe. Trust us, many have tried!

    With a bachelor’s degree in graphic design from the University of Michigan and a master’s in art business, Katherine applies her extensive (and let’s admit, expensive) art education to the most worthy of all subjects: cakes, cupcakes, and cake pops. With a professional background in finance, Katherine left her in 2016 job to spend time piping flowers and getting the perfect shade of frosting. She hasn’t looked back!


    Missy joined the 12 Oaks team in 2018 as our Head of Business Development (and Head Taster whenever she can sneak a bite of cake).  She can attest to how heavily guarded the family cheesecake recipe is – it took a full five years after marrying into the family before she even got a peek!

    With a bachelor’s in psychology from Stanford University and master’s in organizational psychology from Columbia, Missy worked previously as the Head of People Operations at Bay Area startup, Lumos Labs. She’s tapping into her experience building teams in a fast-growing organization to expand 12 Oaks brand and develop new partnerships. And her (not-so-secret) passion for writing is being put to the test in developing 12 Oaks’ marketing campaigns and blog content. Suffice it to say, she’s thrilled to help share our sweetness with the world!